Our Partnership

The Organisations Involved with the OX4 Food Crew

Why we work together

Our partnership was born out of the shared belief that local organisations working collaboratively is the most informed, efficient and thorough way to address our aims. Our focus is on healthy, affordable and accessible food, not just about emergency responses. Many of the organisations involved with our partnership have lived experience of food insecurity and wider structural injustices around race, class and health/disability. Our partnership has an ongoing commitment to hear voices of these often unrepresented and unheard communities and co-produce responses to the challenges they face with dignity and respect.

OX4 Food Crew Community Meal

Organisations Involved:

OX4 Food Crew - Ark T
OX4 Food Crew - Waste2Taste
OX4 Food Crew - Flo's the Place in the Park


Ark-T is a community arts centre and registered charity based in Temple Cowley, which uses the powers of creativity and human connection to change lives and inspire community driven social change

Waste2Taste CIC

 Started by two local women Sandra and Marie who are passionate food activists, community workers and exceptional chefs. Waste2Taste has worked predominantly with homeless people, providing hot meals, cooking classes and volunteer opportunities for work experience and skill development.

PPP (Flo's The Place in the Park)

Flo's the Place in the Park is a community run social enterprise hub formed in 2018 in a decommissioned children’s centre. It is run by People Place and Participation Ltd, a charitable community benefit society managed by local people for local people.

OX4 Food Crew - Oxford Community Action
OX4 Food Crew - No Vice Ice
OX4 Food Crew - Damascus Rose Kitchen

Oxford Community Action

Oxford Community Action was founded by Hassan, Mujhid and Nigel to tackle and overcome barriers created by structural inequalities (e.g. labour market and ethnic health inequalities) that prevent Black and Minoritised Individuals and Communities from reaching their full potential and enjoying equal representation and participation as active citizens within UK institutions and wider civil society..

Based at Ark-T Centre, OCA have been supporting over 500 families with vital food supplies on a weekly basis. OCA are developing their own social enterprise, with the aim of creating sustainable revenue for their ongoing social outreach work.

No Vice Ice CIC

No Vice Ice is an ice lolly social enterprise founded to support people with long term invisible health conditions/disabilities.

This year they have produced a highly successful range of healthy sustainable ice lollies and are developing their social outreach by creating peer support groups for people with long term and often invisible health conditions, who will come together to design and produce ice lollies. 

Damascus Rose Kitchen

Damascu Rose Kitchen is led by Nuha Abdu, a refugee social worker who originally formed the Syrian Sisters community group to support other refugee women to learn English.

Flo’s refurbished a former park pavilion as a community kitchen and helped them register as a CIC. This month, with support from OX4 Food Crew, they ran a successful Eid ‘pay-as-you feel’ community meal for over 300 participants. 

OX4 Food Crew - Oxford City Farm
OX4 Food Crew - Oxford Mutual Aid
OX4 Food Crew - Donnington Doorstep

Oxford City Farm

Oxford City Farm is a community led charity in the heart of East Oxfordrity based in the heart of Oxford

We provide opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to engage with farming and food production, animals, nature and each other.

The food we grow is shared with volunteers and distributed within our local community, enabling us to get fresh produce onto the plates of people who might otherwise have limited access to it.

From our beautiful new Community Kitchen we help people develop the skills and appetite to prepare delicious fresh food - much of which is harvested from Farm. We are looking forward to Community feasts and sharing our kitchen and outdoor space with partners from form the OX4 food crew.

Oxford Mutual Aid

Oxford Mutual Aid is a community organisation which works to support our peers and neighbours in Oxford, primarily through the provision of food support. Founded to respond to the challenges of the pandemic, we have since become a vital part of Oxford’s aid infrastructure. 

We believe that nobody should face food insecurity, or experience stigma for seeking assistance. We do not implement means testing as it is invasive, expensive, and discourages people from seeking help.

Collaboration has always been at the heart of what we do. This is centered upon building systems that source and supply nutritious food to those who need it, reduce food waste and, and support local businesses. Through local supply networks, we can increase the food/supply resilience of our community in a time of uncertainty.

Donnington Doorstep

Donnington Doorstep is an independent, community-based family centre delivering a range of universal and specialist services.

Set up in 1984 by local parents who knew that caring for children can be hard - we’re a home from home drop-in for children, young people and their families as well as a hub for local community activity.

From our purpose-built centre in East Oxford our activities focus on play, food, support and community development.